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7 Robbers Including 2 Pakistanis Arrested in Saudi Arabia

A seven-member robbers gang was arrested in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the police. The gang apprehended consists of seven people belonging to different nationalities. 2 of the members of the gang are Pakistanis, one is a Syrian national, 3 Saudis and one Sudan national. Altogether the gang has done one hundred and twenty-four robberies and shopliftings in Saudi Arabia.

A spokesperson of the police informed that the robbers’ gang steal a car and uses that in their robbery. They rob the commercial centres and shops. They also steal building materials from sites where construction work is under process in the capital city—Riyadh.

As per the reports of Riyadh Daily on Tuesday, the police have also found captagon tablets and two and a half kilogram of hashish with the gang members, which was immediately seized.

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The Riyadh police while declaring the arrest also confirmed that the Ministry of Interior is keen to maintain the safety and security of the Kingdom and its citizens both the nationals and expats. The ministry is set to deal strictly and definitively with anyone who tries to meddle with the safety and security of the community.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is extremely disciplined and active when it comes to maintaining the safety and the feeling of security in the community. They have got strict punishments for the rule violators and they make sure to grant the punishments if a rule is broken. This attitude and conduct is needed for providing safer and secure lifestyles to the citizens.

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