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7.1 billion people in the world facing restrictions amid coronavirus lockdown

7.1 billion people are facing restrictions around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic. This was revealed in a new study by the Pew Research Center. Cross border movements have almost halted amid the lockdown due to COVID-19.

The people facing lockdown include those that have come from other countries and are not nationals or residents of the host country. So almost 91% of the world population that includes tourists, business travelers, and new immigrants are not able to leave their homes.

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The study has also revealed that 39% or 3 billion of the people are living in countries that have closed their borders to non-citizens and non-residents completely. The information cited is provided by the UN and other such bodies.

From 28th March, China home to 1.4 billion people closed its borders to foreigners excluding the diplomatic and scientific personnel.

India, home to approximately 1.4 billion population closed its borders, suspended visas and directed all the arrivals regardless of citizenship to quarantine for two-weeks.

The U.S has closed its borders for people who are not citizens or residents, and also for the countries affected by the pandemic.

The study also reveals that even though countries have closed their borders to people, they have permitted the movement of goods.

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