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68% of Pakistanis Believe Pakistan Needs to Impose a Complete Lockdown


68 percent of Pakistanis think that Pakistan needs to impose a complete lockdown in the country. The majority of Pakistanis believe that Pakistan needs to completely lockdown amid the danger of the spread of coronavirus.

However, 23% of Pakistanis do not support the complete lockdown at all. Gallop Pakistan conducted a recent survey via phone interviews. 75% of the people felt that the novel coronavirus is a threat for themselves and their families.

The survey named the ‘Coronavirus Attitude Tracker Survey Pakistan’ took 650 respondents on phone. Most of these respondents were women. Their age was 30 or below.

Most of the respondents i.e. 77 percent and respondents below 30 i.e. 71% are the most worried about the safety of their family. Similarly, 3 out of 4 respondents have high hopes that the virus will be controlled by June.

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COVID-19 threat is taken seriously by around 86 percent of respondents from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 82 percent from Sindh and 69 percent from Punjab.

In the month of March, the coronavirus cases have surged in Pakistan. There was a sharp decline of 15% among people who considered the coronavirus threat to be exaggerated. The data shows that most of the people are now aware and fearful of the gravity of the situation.

Also, a 17% surge was seen in the number of Pakistanis who believe that the federal government is controlling the COVID-19 situation very well, however, 18% of people disagreed.

It is pertinent to mention here that 61 percent of people believe that the recent lockdown situation has aggravated their financial condition.

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