66% of Pakistanis are Dissatisfied with the Performance of the Government

The Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International Association, Gallup Pakistan released Public Pulse 2020 ratings. In these ratings, Pakistanis were inquired about the performance of the federal government.

Three questions were asked by the participants regarding the performance of the government. The results of these questions are not in the government’s favor as participants are not happy with the government’s performance so far.

The first question asked was, “Please tell, to what extent you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the performance of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf government?”.

The second question asked was, “Some people think that the current PTI government’s performance till now is better than that of the previous government while some think that it is worse than the previous government. What is your opinion about this?”

The third question asked was, “Do you think that our country is in the right direction or in the wrong direction?”

To the first question, almost 66% of Pakistanis replied that they are dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied with the performance of the government while 32% said that they are somewhat satisfied or satisfied with the government’s performance. 1% of the respondents did not respond to the question.

To the second question, almost 59% of Pakistanis said that the current government is worse than the previous government.

To the third and last question, 62% of Pakistanis felt that Pakistan is heading in the wrong direction.

The survey was taken by Gallup Pakistani from people aged 18 or above. They went to 1208 households across Pakistan to conduct the survey. It was carried out from 8th to 15th February 2020.

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