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61% Pakistanis believe that World is not a Fair Place: Survey

A recent survey was conducted by the Gilani Research Foundation Survey undertaken by the Gallup & Gilani Pakistan which revealed that just 29% of the Pakistanis believe that the World is a Fair Place. 61 percent of the respondents believed that the World is not a fair place while 10% of the people did not give any response.

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So it has been revealed through this survey that most of the Pakistanis do not believe that the world is a fair and just place.

The survey was done taking representative sample from all the four provinces of Pakistan. Both men and women took part in the survey.

The individuals were asked, “Please tell us whether you consider the following statement to be right or wrong: whatever happens in this world happens fairly?”

To this statement 29% of the people agreed, 61% disagreed and 10% did not respond.

Whatever happens in this world is a lot to do with how we act and behave. Thus, it is important that we take responsibility and work to make this world a fair place. It is easy to say that the world isn’t fair and harder to take responsibility of the situation and play our respective part.