609 Petrol Pumps Sealed for Oil Smuggling in the Country

Some 609 petrol pumps across the country have been sealed under the advice of the PM of Pakistan.

In an effort to fight against smuggling of the petroleum products, the government of Pakistan has sealed over 600 petrol pumps around the country, while some 4.5 million litres of petrol and diesel seized.

According to a tweet from the PM’s Office these steps were taken on directives issued by Prime Minister Imran Khan. It further read:

Giving an exact figure, the PM Office further said:

Under the directions of Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI, 609 petrol pumps have been sealed and about 4.5 million litres of petrol & diesel have been seized in the campaign against oil smugglers in the country.

It is further said that if the owners of these sealed petrol pumps do not present accurate documentation within seven days of the sealing, strict actions would be taken against them.

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