60,000 US government emails were stolen from Microsoft by hackers

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A few months ago, Chinese hackers were able to get access to unclassified data. They gain access to this data by breaching Microsoft. Notably, the hackers gained access to the emails of some officials of the US government. Some initial reports suggested that around 25 accounts were affected by this data breach. However, the actual number was far above the reported one.

According to some recent pieces of information, the hackers were able to access 60,000 US government officials’ emails. Well, this is quite concerning. Clearly, it was a mistake on Microsoft’s end that exposed tons of emails to bad actors. Reportedly, the affected accounts include the US staff employed in East Asia, the Pacific, and Europe.

Demand for better information security

According to reports, Storm-0558 is responsible for this data breach. The data breach dates to July 2023. However, the case went unnoticed for a short period of time. However, the US government managed to alert Microsoft to the hack, which forced a quick response. Microsoft got to know through research that the data breach was performed with the help of a consumer key.

The hackers gained access to Microsoft emails as well as users’ emails via the key. However, the emails that are possessed by hackers do not disclose any confidential information; still, they can be used for phishing attacks. Recently, Senator Eric Schmitt emphasized that the government must tighten its defense to combat cyberattacks in the future since this won’t be the last cyberattack on the US government.

Given the security measures, the government will be able to protect itself, its employees, and its citizens. In addition to this, to safeguard user information, large data organizations must also make sure they develop resilient security systems that can withstand such attacks.

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