600 students in Punjab are getting Laptops

Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) is giving out laptops to 600 students who have performed exceptionally in their respective fields. These students are chosen from 400 technical colleges all over Punjab.

Irfan Qaiser Sheikh the Chairman of TEVTA has confirmed that the board will award laptop to those students who have outstanding percentages in exams and who are position holders as well of the Annual Examination of Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE).

Irfan Qaiser Sheikh further added,

“Students with the top three position in PBTE annual examinations will also be awarded a special prize.”

The TETVA Chairman said that they are giving out awards to encourage students, make them realize that their efforts are being recognized and to create an atmosphere of competition. If a student works hard, they expect some reward for their hard work. Thus TEVTA is giving out laptops to recognize their efforts.

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The quota that will be followed for laptop distribution is that 252 Students will be selected from Diploma in Associate Engineering DAE which is offered in 28 institutes, 126 students will be selected from the two-year diploma, 108 students will be selected from the one-year diploma, 72 students will be selected from the two-year vocational diploma and 36 students will be selected from the one-year vocational diploma.

Such schemes and rewards are necessary for our students so that they feel that their hard work is not getting wasted. To encourage them, boost them and make them achieve heights this is necessary.

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