60% Traffic Signals in Islamabad are not Working Properly

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has disclosed that in Islamabad only 40% traffic signals installed are functioning properly.

A senior ITP official while keeping anonymity said, “There are total 83 signals across the capital, out of which only 40 percent are functional and 60 percent are in dilapidated condition.”

This means that 60% of the traffic signals in the federal capital are not working properly. Repeated requests have been made by Islamabad Traffic Police to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) but without any effect.

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According to the official the main reason for this is the terrible performance of the department. CDA has been told many a time about this issue but all in vain. Probably due to financial issues, CDA has remained ignorant of this problem.

The ITP official has requested the senior officers and relevant authorities to take necessary steps regarding this so that accidents can be avoided.

A CDA official from Traffic and Engineering Wing also confirmed this that ITP has now and again highlighted this problem. Adding that Engineering and Maintenance wing have been forwarded a proposal which if finalized will be sent to the higher authorities for final approval.

But as per the CDA officials in Islamabad’s Zone-I 104 signals are installed out of which 75 are working, 16 are not working and 13 are closed due to different reasons.

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