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6 Craziest Fast Food Facts

Fast food restaurants and eateries are the most famous and popular ones among all in the food sector. People are crazy for fast food and want to consume it on a per day basis. But what people are unaware of are the crazy statistics, histories and ingredients behind the most renown fast food chains. Whether you eat chicken nuggets, burgers and the foot-long subway in your future or not, read further to get to know about the craziest fast food facts.

  • McDonald’s the World’s Biggest Toy Distributor

The world’s biggest toy distributor is none other than everyone’s most desired McDonald’s, thanks to their Happy Meals. And as they are moving towards including more books rather than toys, McDonald’s has sold more books to kids as part of their Happy Meals than are housed in the Library of Congress.

  • Subway Was Sued for Shorter Subs

Consumers’ who were not sure regarding the name of Subway’s foot-long sub sued the sandwich makers for making sandwiches that were just eleven inches in length. Subway responded that the term was given just for describing the sandwich, however, they ultimately settled the suit and agreed to measure all their sandwiches bread.

  • Burger King’s—Black Burger

Back in 2014, for a shorter span of time only, Burger King customers in Japan were provided with a chance of enjoying the Kuro (black) burger, which contained black cheese made from bamboo charcoal and a black squid ink sauce on a charred black bun.

  • KFC’s Secret Recipe is Really a Secret

KFC advertisements do not boost when they claim that they use elven herbs and spices for seasoning their chicken, which is a secret. There are two separate plants that make half of the mixture, and the remaining half work of mixing is done by a computer so that no single location could have the full recipe.

  • Dunkin’s Fresh Cup of Coffee

As per Dunkin Donuts, the chain’s coffee is grounded freshly, brewed and most importantly served freshly. If the coffee is not used in a span of eighteen minutes, it is then discarded and a then a new coffee is freshly brewed.

  • The Burger King Cologne

In 2015, there was a limited-edition cologne for $55 available in Japan. The scent was of the Burger King—smelling of flame-broiled meat with a scent of seduction.

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