5G on planes could mean the end of airplane mode.

Airplane mode

EU regulators have put a full stop on slow Wi-Fi networks on airplanes by proposing an idea of using 5G stream and airplane mode to stream content, access apps, and even make phone calls even when in air. According to details, the EU intends to allow passengers on planes to use mobile data and make phone calls while in flight. Another plan is to provide 5G connection instead of Wi-Fi. If everything works in a positive manner, 5G on airplanes will be available by June, 2023.

European commissions are debating the issue and are willing to make aeroplane travel a thing of the past. The finalisation of this idea will allow airlines to provide 5G streams to customers instead of having them pay for Wi-Fi, which indicates that they will be free to use however a passenger wants to.

Passengers were prohibited from using mobile phones on airlines in 1991 because they could interfere with the aircraft’s navigation system and encroach on ground networks.The chief of the UK flight safety committee, Dai Whitting, declares the reason for the lack of knowledge about how mobile phones can affect a plane’s navigation system.

Despite the past situation, the EU will now use a unique network gadget called “pico-cell”, that will allow all normal functions of a mobile phone through a satellite network. This latest technology will interconnect planes with networks on the ground.

However, the past concerns are not valid anymore and are not applicable to 5G networking. Whittingham makes a statement about the situation, saying that it is less interfering, and has a different frequency. Also, the power settings are lower than the ones that were allowed in the US. After ensuring customer safety, the facility will be provided to the users.

EU travelers have to wait, but not for too long. All agreements and settings are to be provided in EU Airplanes by June, 2023.