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55pc of New Subscribers Joined Ufone in the month of October

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As per the data of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), mobile phone firm subscriptions increased by 496,107 in the month of October to attain 152.16 million.

The telecom company that added the greatest number of customers is Ufone. Interestingly, the new subscribers’ base comprises of 245,404 data subscribers, indicating the demand for data internet usage on its network. 55% of new users joined Ufone.

After adding the new subscriptions, the complete subscriber base has increased to 21.1 million. It is pertinent to mention that Ufone is the sole 3G operator in Pakistan. The other three operators provide both 3G and 4G services in many parts of the country. It indicates that the data consumers want speedy and continuous internet without interruption of mobile broadband services along with budget-friendly internet packages, regardless of the difference between the 3G and 4G technologies.

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Other than Ufone, Telenor Pakistan lost 93,229 subscribers in the month of October. Zong, after Ufone, added 232,457 new connections on its network. Now the total count of Zong subscribers has reached 31.7 million.82,821 new 51users were added on the Jazz network. Its overall data base sustained at 56.17 million in October. Not just the new user subscriptions have increased but also the use of mobile phone services has swelled, like the internet, after the removal of heavy taxes on mobile phone users.

As per a study conducted by GSMA a ten percent surge in broadband usage would be increasing the GDP growth by 1.38 percent while a ten percent hike in usage from 2G to 3G services would be increasing the GDP by 0.15 percent.