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55 Computerized Locomotives Procured By Pakistan Railways

An announcement was made by the Ministry of Railway stating that 55 US made computerized locomotives having 4000 horsepower are now part of Pakistan Railways locomotives.

Khawaja Saad Rafique the Railway Minister spoke on the occasion by complimenting the efforts made by Pakistan Railways CEO Javed Anwar, AGM Mechanical Nasrullah Babar, the whole staff, and employees. He said that the modern engines are an achievement by Pakistan Railways.

Also, the Minister informed that this was the first phase, in the second phase 20 distinct engines would be purchased for the traveler’s train in Bolan. It would help in generating profit for Pakistan Railways; also the sector would be able to work the business and industrial industry in an efficient manner thus playing its part in boosting the economy of Pakistan.

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Saad further gave details about how the attainment of dynamics brake engines specifically for hilly areas would be done by the end of next year. He said that Pakistan Railways is working to procure loco motives as they are necessary for the future of Pakistan.

He also made a huge claim stating that after World War II it is the first time that such revolutionary steps are being taken in Pakistan Railways. He added that the basis of modern and current Pakistan Railways is set.