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51 Districts of Pakistan are Under Locusts Attack

On Sunday, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said that the locusts have attacked fifty-one districts of Pakistan.

The NDMA highlighted the areas that came under the locust attack. According to them, Balochistan province has been affected the most where 27 of its district faced locusts attack. Thirteen districts got affected in Punjab, 9 districts have been affected in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 2 in Sindh.

Surveys and sprays have been carried out in many areas that came under locusts attack and destroyed fields in the agricultural country; says the spokesperson of the authority.

He further explained by saying that approximately 132,000 hectares of the area have been surveyed in the last 24 hours and the spray has been carried out at 6,690 hectares of area in Balochistan.

In Punjab, Survey at 75,000 hectares area has been carried out and 2000 hectares of the area have been sprayed. In KPK, 492 hectares of the area has been sprayed while the survey has been carried out at an area of 71,000 hectares.

Whereas in Sindh, in the past 24 hours 190,000 hectares area has been surveyed out of which 28 hectares has been sprayed, told the NDMA.

The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the UN (United Nations) warned serious food security crises in Pakistan and other regional countries through a report released in April. The reason mentioned was the locust attack.

According to the percentages, 15% are breeding grounds for desert locusts in Punjab, 25% in Sindh, and 60% in Balochistan. This means that the entire country is at threat of an attack if these desert locusts are not contained.

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