5,000 Classrooms Monitoring to be Completed Before Vacations in Punjab

The Punjab government directed education officers on Saturday to complete the monitoring of five thousand early childhood education (ECE) classrooms of the province before the commencement of summer vacation that is from the 17th of May.

The Programme Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU) has issued a letter to all the education authorities of the district (DEAs) of Punjab province with directions that all the ECE classrooms would be monitored and checked by the assistant education officers (AEOs) by the 16th of May.

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The aim of the monitoring is the collection of data and to make sure that standards of the classrooms set by the provincial government in its Punjab ECE Policy 2017 are implied. The letter mentioned that the early childhood education (ECE) of the third Punjab Education Sector Project (PESP-III) demands the monitoring and data collection regarding ECE classrooms to make sure that they meet the prescribed standards of quality in the Punjab ECE Policy 2017.

The data collection practice has been delayed, as per the letter which has directions to conduct out the exercise before the summer vacation.

It further mentions that for assessing the progress and development against the already quality standards in the five thousand ECE classrooms made so far, distinct apps have been established by the PITB for monitoring and evaluating assistants (MEAs) and assistant education officers (AEOs). Data collection via the AEOs have been delayed owing to the finalization of the AEO app.

The letter further revealed that the AEO app has now been made and tested to make sure that it is all set for use by the concerned AEOs. There are not many days left for conducting the required monitoring activity.

It further added that no matter what, for meeting the goal set by the World Bank, the observation activity needs to be conducted on an immediate basis.

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