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50 Scholarships Granted to Pakistani Students for Studying in Saudi Universities

50 scholarships to Pakistani students

Nawaf Al-Maliki—the Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Pakistan has announced to grant 50 scholarships to Pakistani students for studying in Saudi Universities, as per the reports of the Saudi Press Agency.

The announcement was made while Nawal Al-Maliki met with Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani—the Senate Chairman in the federal capital on Friday. The meeting was held in the presence of the cultural attaché to the Saudi embassy in Pakistan—Dr Ali Housawi.

The ambassador during the meeting said that the Kingdom would take care of all the expenses related to studies and accommodation for the Pakistani students who would be receiving the scholarships and that the number of scholarships for the student of Pakistan would be doubled next year.

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He also said that the Kingdom associates great significance to its relationships with Pakistan and its people and it would not leave any effort in standing with Pakistan and providing assistance and support to the nation.

Sanjrani thanked Saudi Arabia for providing the scholarships to the students and noted that the students from the province of Balochistan would be candidates to study in the Saudi universities.

He added that Pakistan is proud of its relationships with the Kingdom, which are based on longstanding historical bonds with deep roots in same religion and cultural values, along with a mutual outlook for the various regional and international issues.

Sanjrani also said these contribute to consolidating the security, peace both regionally and globally and to the advantage of the Islamic countries.

He applauded the role of Saudi Arabia in supporting the regional and global security and peace, supporting the Islamic nations, serving Islam, Muslims and the matters of Muslim countries and unifying the decisions of Muslims under the leadership of King Salman and the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

He also praised the efforts of Nawaf Al-Maliki who has contributed in strengthening the bilateral ties between the two nations.

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