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50% of Global Population Expected to Use Bitcoin by 2043

A crypto analyst has claimed that 50% of the world population is expected to use Bitcoin by the year 2043 if Bitcoin follows the same growth rate as that of the internet.
Currently, 0.4% of the global population uses Bitcoin, as per the analyst. The analyst tweeted,

“% of the world using the Internet in 1995 = 0.4%

% of the world using the Internet in 2019 = 58.8%

Bitcoin is to money what the Internet is to information.

% of the world using Bitcoin in 2019 = 0.4%

If you thought you are late to Bitcoin, think again.”


So basically the analyst believes that the rate at which the internet has expanded in 24 years, Bitcoin will expand in a similar manner in the next 24 years.

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It is also expected that Bitcoin might expand at a quicker rate in comparison to internet expansion due to technological advancements.

There are many companies that are launching their own cryptocurrencies including Facebook, and Telegram. Telegram is launching its cryptocurrency ‘Gram’ in October as it wants that its cryptocurrency operates as an online currency, allowing people to transfer money globally. 

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