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5 Worst Exercises for people over 40

5 Worst Exercises for Over 40-year-olds


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What is Cardio?

Exercises that keep your heart rate up for quite some time come under cardio.

Why is it dangerous?

Cardio is an important exercise for those individuals who want to lose weight and improve their health. But for over 40-year-old individuals extreme cardio can be dangerous. The level of cortisol can increase that is a stress hormone in the body. It can actually cause one to gain weight instead of losing it.

Furthermore, if over 40 people do long cardio sessions it can break down their lean muscles. It increases production of free radicals. Free radicals are small molecules that damage body cells and can cause chronic inflammation that makes you age quickly and can lead to other diseases.

Leg Extensions

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What are leg extensions?

A weight training exercise that targets the quadriceps muscle in the legs is called leg extension exercise. The exercise is performed using a machine known as the Leg Extension Machine.

Why is it Dangerous?

Leg extensions are an exercise that helps build your strength and muscles but for over 40-year-old individuals there are risks involved with this exercise. There is a chance of pulling a back muscle and can cause wear and tear.

A constant tension is applied on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in leg extension exercise. It increases the risk of lateral patellar deviation. For over 40-year-olds chances are that their kneecap can slide left or right which can cause a major knee injury.


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What are deadlifts?

A weight training exercise in which an individual lifts the bar off the ground to the hip level and then lower it back to the ground.

Why is it dangerous?

After you turn 40 and more your body is unable to tolerate stresses and strains like before. Though deadlifting exercise is good for your muscles and weight loss, after 40 it can become extremely dangerous. Nagging pains become common and it can also affect your spine.

Rear Lat Pulldowns

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What is it?

Behind the head, lat pulldowns are an exercise in which an individual holds the bar, lean forward a bit and bring the bar down holding it behind the neck.

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Why is it Dangerous?

For an individual of any age, this exercise is bad, it is in short – dangerous. If the bar is placed behind the head in lat pulldowns it can cause a shoulder injury. For over 40 years old it is extremely likely that they affect their cervical spine while performing this exercise which can lead to paralysis

The Supermen Exercise

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What is it?

Lay down on your stomach with your arms in the front and legs straight

Then lift the legs and arms at the same time

Do this from 1sec to 1 minute

Why is it dangerous?

For over 40-year-olds this exercise requires a lot of force and compression, the effort is needed on the vertebrae of the low back. The stress can break you so it is better to avoid it.