5 Weird Pakora Combinations That Are Actually Really Tasty

Cannot say much about the Muslims of other countries, but for Pakistanis, pakoras are like the basic food item that is desired and loved at the time of iftar. In fact, the demand of pakoras is so high that we try making its place on every occasion if possible—if it is raining outside let’s make pakoras, it is now tea time lets go for pakoras, etc.

Pakoras—a food item that most people good never get enough of, is a scrumptious fried food item. However, consuming it on a daily basis could get boring for some and unhealthy for all in general.

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People try making different versions of pakoras to make them unique and in-demand. The very famous recipe of pakoras have got onions, green chillies, mint and spices as ingredients, but that’s the common recipe. Trust me people are super experimental and innovative when it comes to making pakora mixes.

Some super unusual pakora combinations that make one wonder, is this even possible are as follows:

  • Cabbage Pakoras

Yes, you read it right. You might think cabbage would be tasteless inside the pakora packing, but a pinch of salt to the cabbage could do magic work and the water content of the vegetable would help in keeping the pakoras juicy.

  • Sweet Potato Pakoras

This one is a surprise one for me too. They are made using the exact same recipe for potato pakoras and the combination of subtle sweetness and spices would be a hit.

  • Pumpkin Pakoras

First, a big shout out to pumpkin, as it has even attained a place inside pakoras. But they are good, and people would enjoy the fleshy pull-apart texture.

  • Eggs Pakora

Boil eggs and toss them in your pakora batter. These could actually be a hit among children and is full of nutrition.

  • Halloumi Cheese Pakoras

Halloumi is a Turkish cheese, which is best for cooking on its own. Adding it to the pakoras could make them delicious.

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