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5 Ways to Reduce Jet Lag

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There is no way that one could completely avoid from getting under the effects of Jet Lag but forestalling the time difference, avoiding the alcohol usage and exposing oneself to natural light could help in reducing the effects of jet lag.

  • Get a Headstart Before Planning your Travel

Alison Gardiner—the co-founder of the online resource Sleepstation said that a time zone change of 3 hours or more is enough for throwing the people out of sync with the day-night cycle and cause disturbance within the body system—the circadian rhythm.

This effect is known as jet lag. The symptoms of the effect are headaches, nausea, tiredness and diarrhoea.

Gardiner suggests that the human body needs to adjust to a time difference of one hour, so Gardiner suggests anticipating adjusting body’s clock at home—one hour per day towards the time zone one intends to travel to no more than 3 days prior to travelling.

  • Planning Light Exposure

Dr Guy Meadows—a co-founder of the insomnia treatment service Sleep School suggest getting a twenty to thirty minutes exposure to natural light the morning following the arriving date at your destination. He said that the body clocks are related to light-receptive cells in human eyes, so making sure to darken down throughput the day is a very strong way of harmonizing with the new environment.

  • Say No to Mindless Eating

Lisa Artis—adviser at the Sleep Council said that diet plays a significant role in setting the body clock as it boosts healthy sleep habits. Heavy meals make one sleepier, so a balanced diet assists in kickstarting the body clock into the timings of its destination.

As per the suggestions of the adviser once out of the plane, set the body watch to the local time at the destination, then eat as per the normal mealtimes at the place of destination.

  • Avoid Using Caffeine and Alcohol

Drink plenty of water. Gardiner says that the human body clocks could be set off-kilter by dehydration. She says that people do not drink enough water on planes and often swap the drink with alcohol, which is a depressant and dehydrating drink or they drink a lot of caffeine, which keeps one awake and sharp. She added that the body needs to readjust naturally to its new time zone, and it is not advisable to change it.

  • Go West

If you are obstinate about avoiding jet lag, travelling west and hence lengthening the day by going backwards via time zones—would further boost the symptoms. Flight timings are significant. It is said that the human body needs at least 10 hours of wakefulness for inducing restful sleep.

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