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5 Steps to Get Your Dream Job in Pakistan

Looking for your dream job in Pakistan and still find no way? Do you regularly apply for a job and get no response from the companies? Remember you must change your strategy if you want to get your dream job. Here, I will guide you step by step how you can make it possible by following these tips. Thousands of people have changed their lives by following them.

Someone said, “All a dream needs is someone to believe in it“. Believe me, if You start walking towards your destination, it starts to run towards you. And this is a fact. All you need to know is smart work. You must follow the footsteps of those who have reached their goals. So, without wasting a single moment, let’s talk about the strategies.

  1. Know Your Dream Job

The major problem that the majority of people and our young generation face is lack of focus. If you just look for the jobs with handsome salaries, you will always be confused. First, find what you want to do? What is your inspiration? In which job you find yourself at peace and don’t get bored even after working 18 hours a day? Can you travel for your job? I will suggest you keep an eagle eye on all newspaper jobs in Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala and all others cities where you are comfortable to do the job.

This is so important to analyze that everything depends upon it. You cannot grow in your field if you don’t love the job you are doing. No one can evolve in an environment that is all hectic for him/her. You will see all successful people happy with their job even after they do a lot of hard work.

In fact, a job is a dream job if it brings a smile and satisfaction on your face.

  1. Make a Checklist of Your Skills

Now once you have analyzed your ambition, start working for it. If a company offers such a job position then first you need to make it confirm what is the job description and which skill they need? You can visit job portals in Pakistan, I also suggest you visit emerging and new job portals as well as competition there is quite low and you get more chances to land the job, for this purpose can visit anewjobs.com, check all the latest govt jobs in Pakistan published in every newspaper and subscribe for their newsletter so that you may not miss any job opportunity that matches with your skillset.

How to get a quick job in Pakistan- a complete guide

Now when you have seen the required job skills, look at your profile and find what improvements you need? Make a checklist of what you know and what you need to know. Start improving your knowledge in the area the companies need from you. I believe that in this way your learning speed will be boosted 100 times more than usual.

  1. Professional CV and LinkedIn Profile

Candidates apply for 100 jobs per day and find no reply. Do you know what is the reason? Unprofessional CVs and Cover Letters, second is the competition I mentioned earlier, but most important is what I am going to explain now. Your first impression is your CV. If you make it perfect, up to date and according to the job requirements, I would rather say matching the exact job requirements, you will surely be called for the job interview you are looking for. Here are some tips

  • Make your CV in accordance with the job requirements; match each requirement with your skillset.
  • Mention your skills and projects completed on the top.
  • Don’t mention all your educational background since childhood.
  • Just mention the job-oriented education and its details in a precise manner.

You must know how to make a professional CV. I recommend using the services of a CV expert, who may help you in the best way. Also, make your LinkedIn profile professional. It must be so professional that once the company visits your profile, they must be convinced in contacting you back, another important thing, your CV and your LinkedIn profile should be similar if you have mentioned something on your CV and something else on your LinkedIn profile you are running the risk of skepticism. Also, expand your LinkedIn circle especially with HR professionals.

  1. Find References in Desired Industry

A good social circle is so important in your professional growth. Once you are satisfied with your skills set and confident about the technical aspects you need to know, make contacts with your friend circle or any other person in the industry to recommend you for the desired job. This is so effective that you can imagine.

Big companies always prefer a person with strong knowledge as well having a good reference. This makes them believe that you are reliable and will work honestly under all circumstances. Also, you are considered as a first choice if you have personal links in the organization.

  1. Apply with Confidence

You know what is sportsmanship? It’s all about being positive and full of hope in all situations. Once you are satisfied with all the above things. Apply for your desired job position. Now think of yourself doing that job. Believe me, your chances for an interview call arise if you speak good words to yourself.

You have everything now. You have set your goal, improved yourself technically and meet the job requirements. You have an attractive CV with good past records and experience certificates attached. You have a strong reference and feeling positive. This is all a desired job needs from you.

Now See the magic!

Hopefully, you will be befitted from these tips. This is not just theory; all this is practical which have changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe. You need to be consistent in your work and keep learning new things. This is a source of motivation for you. I hope these tips to find your dream job will help you to get into the office soon.