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5 Online Schools for Pakistani Students

Here is the list of top 5 online schools for Pakistani students. 

International School of Berne Online

For students of age 11 to 18/22 years old online education is offered in International School of Berne Online. The school is an ideal choice for students in Pakistan and world over. Students have the choice to join full-time or part-time, to learn & get qualified online.

The students of SBerne study from their home with the help of online teachers. They can choose courses out of 200 high quality, fully accredited courses.

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Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy provides education and learning opportunity to students at homes.  Online test facilities are provided for Classes I to Classes XII. Furthermore, tests are provided for students through which they can prepare for NTS, Medical, and Engineering tests.

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FutureSchool is another online educational platform that offers e-education to students all over Pakistan. Teachers can use the material offered at FutureSchool to help educate their students while students can attend the online learning classes and have access to the lesson offered.

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Learn Smart Pakistan

Learn Smart Pakistan basically provides educational resources for grades 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. All kinds of educational videos, assessments, games and practice questions are provided online. The curriculum is based upon Pakistan’s Board curriculum. Teachers can also use this platform to understand areas where the class is lacking and analyze individual & group performance. Basically, Learn Smart Pakistan is Pakistan’s free Digital Online Learning Challenge. More than 15,000 Pakistani students use this platform to study for their board papers.

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Connecting Classrooms

It is basically a British Council managed programme that works with schools in different countries including Pakistan to offer school partnerships, courses and learning opportunities to the students. Schools in Pakistan are linked with schools in the UK and other nations for different online programs and projects. Connecting Classrooms is not an online school, it is basically an online platform for schools & students to work together through e-learning.

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