5 High Paying Jobs in Pakistan with Low Education Requirements

If you have a skill, but you are uneducated, you have no future. This is what we are made to believe. It is true that education is very important. You cannot become a doctor without doing MBBS or you can’t become an engineer without an engineering degree. Your skill is valued on basis of your education.

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Fair enough.

But there are high paying jobs in Pakistan that value your skill over education.

Radio and Video Jockeys/ Hosts

The strength of a radio, video jockey or any Host is his/her voice. You need to be a good speaker to become a good VJ, RJ or Host in Pakistan. A P.H.D degree is not necessary for that but yes skill and talent is important. It is a high paying job in Pakistan, if, you are good at it, your luck is with you and people like listening to you.

Professional Fitness Trainees:

The concept of fitness, training, exercise, and yoga is growing in Pakistan. As the concept is emerging, so are the trainers. They don’t need to have a degree to become fitness trainers, they need to have skill and talent in their field.

Pakistani people have become fitness freak now. Awareness about health has made people take fitness seriously. They even ensure that their kids join gym from a very young age. As the demand for fitness trainers is increasing, it is becoming a highly paid field.

Tourism Experts:

The tourism industry is booming in Pakistan. There are different clubs and groups that have emerged, facilitating the people to explore the beauty of Pakistan. The tourism professional don’t need to be educated to get into this field. He/She needs to be adventurous, daring and observant about new places and their secrets.


If actors and singers in Pakistan are educated it is an added advantage but it is not important. A good actor or a person with a great voice don’t have to complete his/her degree to enter the field. Pure talent is necessary to achieve heights in Pakistan media industry.  If you are good, you will be paid really well.


Come up with a new idea. Any idea. You don’t need the education to work on a unique idea. Start your own business. Be your own boss on basis of your skill and talent. Entrepreneurs are now supported and encouraged in Pakistan.


Education is extremely important no matter which field you enter. It is always an advantage to be educated. But if you are not, for any reason, don’t consider yourself useless. Your skill is your strength, and your hard work will mark your success.

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