pakistan cars

Pakistan’s auto market is growing fast, the market is huge and there are many automakers that are mulling to jump into the market, however, the big three Toyota, Honda and Suzuki are the prominent players in the market.

The saying “Old is Gold” has never been the same, some old cars are still loved whenever you come across one but there are some cars that never gained much popularity since they were launched and later they were overlooked like a middle child.

Same is the case with some cars still available in the Pakistani market, but these cars can be classed as worst. The list organized is based on the design, resale value, overall popularity and look of the cars. You should never buy these cars even if you like them.

5 Suzuki Margala

Suzuki Margala is a 4 door saloon car manufactured by Suzuki, when it was launched decades ago it got some attention initially but soon it was ignored due to its overall inferior quality.

4 Suzuki Liana

Suzuki Liana is another baloney by a famous automaker Suzuki, the company introduced it in 2001 to replace the Suzuki Baleno, but all in vain, the car wasn’t admired and still the owners of Suzuki Liana curse the day they bought it.

3 Honda City 4th Generation

Honda City 4th Generation from (2003 to 2008) was also a bad apple in Honda cars, the car’s design, look and feel makes you think that “Who the hell has designed this car” and the icing on the cake is: “Who the hell has approved this design”

4 Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer 2004-08 you should also avoid in the Pakistani market, the car gives you feel of the 80s car, you may have problems in spare parts as well as reselling it.

5 Hyundai Santro

The Hyundai’s Santro models also look pathetic, one of the worst car designs you have ever seen. It looks really like a box “dabba” to be very honest rather than a car.