5 Best Essay Writing Apps for All Students and Academics

It would be nice if you could enjoy your preferred songs wherever you are. Fortunately, there’s a smartphone app for it. Trying to get in touch with loved ones quickly and easily? There are applications for it as well, so you don’t have to worry about it. Additionally, there are applications for everything from playing your best sports to managing your money to tracking your health activities and objectives saving your images to boosting your efficiency. Students at Saint Leo University, on the other hand, wonder which applications are ideal for helping them with their schoolwork, particularly assignments that need them to write quite a bit. The greatest writing applications for university students that choose to employ technology in their education are listed below in this article. So, without further ado, let’s see what 5 apps that write essays for you we chose.


Numerous students don’t like citations very much, which is an essential component of academic work. They must devote a lot of time and effort to ensuring that all of the sources are properly cited. To meet the criteria, students must appropriately create all of their citations. Therefore, a large number of students purchase essays online. In order to outsource their essay writing, they contact expert writers. The best academic papers are written by experienced writers who know how to meet the highest academic requirements; thus, they offer ready-to-submit articles.

You may quickly and easily produce citations with this essays app. It’s easy to utilize this software. You can create accurate citations even if your teacher has given you specific instructions since it supports hundreds of citing styles. First, you’ll need to track out an appropriate reference and pick a citation format. A textbook, a web page, and a slew of additional resources can all be found with the app. You may click a button after picking the appropriate one to generate a certain format of quotation.


If you desperately need an essay writer app, AirStory might come as a great solution. And here’s why. Academics and scholars will find Airstory useful since it helps them record ideas and data, take notes, and organize them in a Kanban-like manner. Students may later use their ideas and thoughts to create an overview of their work. When opposed to beginning with a blank document, this provides a solid foundation. There seems to be no cap on the number of cards that you may have as a construction individual in Airstory, so you can arrange your ideas and data in a variety of ways. With the aid of the Chrome plugin, Airstory, you may effortlessly store ideas.

Speedy Paper

For academics and understudies generally, that are interested in finding a suitable essay writing app, Speedy Paper would come as an excellent addition. Pupils use SpeedyPaper more than any other custom essay writing service, and this is likely due to the company’s extensive offerings, high level of dependability, and affordable pricing. This service is popular due to the extremely reasonable pricing, which starts at just $9 for each job. However, the cost does increase depending on the intricacy of the topic as well as the urgency.

Still, nine dollars for a paper appropriate for high school? That is a really good deal. This website is backed by a team of highly qualified essay writers, and many of them are standing by to take on last-minute assignments. In spite of the fact that there were some quality problems in the past, SpeedyPaper has more than composed for them by offering materials of high quality in more recent times. That’s why it’s considered among the best essay writing software overall.


This software just assesses your paper’s readability, but it does so by considering a wide range of factors. And only that single fact makes it great for being utilized as a personal statement service, for instance. To begin, a degree of approximation of the individual who can interpret your material is calculated using five distinct literacy formulae and tests. A number of these formulae are then used to predict the points your work will get based on these new formulas. As a result, you’ll be able to see how many phrases and words there are in each paragraph and how much text they make up.

All of the information shown above may be seen on the right side of the screen. However, if you read down, you’ll discover how your text’s tone, the volume of feeling, and gender analysis might be classified. In addition, statistics can tell you a lot further about your composition than even your teacher can show you.


Because of the dynamic nature of our study, it makes use of a wide variety of rich media assets, including recordings, audio clips, PDFs, technical papers, essays, and so on. In order to do our constant study, we require an application that compiles all of this information into one location. Simple text editors from the past just will not do in this day and age! That’s why most of you might be tempted to purchase texts and sites like The Tampa Bay Times sounds perfect, but with this tool, it all goes away. Here is when Bit software enters the picture.

Researchers and teams may now easily communicate, share, monitor, and manage all of their data and resources in one location thanks to Bit. Not only can you use it to share text and presentations with your teams, but it also allows you to publish data that has several dimensions.

You may add movies, articles, Pictures, Spreadsheets, novels, white papers, audio snippets, and pretty much anything else you can think of, and it will be easy to share with your colleagues. All things considered, the Bit writing app is an indispensable tool for writers and scholars alike!


Before settling on a certain academic essay writer, you’ll have to weigh up and contrast a number of important criteria. In the event of urgent projects, for example, the timeliness of their delivery is critical. You’ll be able to meet your deadlines and avoid late fees if you hire a professional essay writer who works quickly. The papers must be original and free of plagiarism if they are to get high-quality ratings. Also, look for a writer that will provide you with a copy of their originality analysis after your job. The company you choose must protect your anonymity when you buy an essay from them. So, always make your decisions cold-headed and think twice before starting using some of the apps above.