4G Awareness Program By Zong Throughout Pakistan

4G mobile internet may seem an old story to many of us, but the masses in Pakistan are still unaware of this technology and its benefits. With the aim to spread awareness of 4G internet across the nation, Zong 4G travelled on a journey across Pakistan.

In order to create awareness Zong’s “New Hope” campaign started simultaneously in various localities in all four provinces. The volunteers of this program delivered information in educational institutions from schools to universities. They catered different segments of society, with students falling in various age groups.

Moreover these awareness programs were not restricted to famous universities like Hamdard University and Baluchistan University. They covered them along with charity schools striving to provide education to deprived students like Mashal school.

The promise of Zong to create “A New Dream” was apparent in this campaign. The telecommunication brand wants to digitalize Pakistan and revolutionize each and every member of the society.

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The awareness program was also a contribution towards growth of 4G ecosystem in the country. This 4g ecosystem has the ability to fundamentally renovate Pakistan’s international outlook and economic advancement.
The vision of parent company of Zong, China Mobile was reinforced in the public through the content. The innovative style to move forward and technological growth being the necessity of present times was stressed upon. Moreover 4G technology that facilitates M2M and IoT technologies was also talked about.

The future of 4G and how youth would be able to benefit from it was highlighted, be it employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, easy access to mass information in international market, communication through online learning platforms and telemedicine services for rural areas.