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47 Ice cream Brands Declared Not Suitable for Consumption

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47 ice cream brands have been declared unsafe for human consumption by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Saturday.

The authority has released the results of the 156 ice cream brands and frozen desserts and out of them 47 brands remained unsuccessful in meeting the required standards of the Punjab Pure Food Regulations. The samples were collected in the month of September 2018.

General Muhammad Usman—the PFA Director General said that the list of the sample results is present on the website of Punjab Food Authority and could be downloaded by anyone.

The PFA also instructed to halt the production of all those brands that remained unsuccessful in meeting the standards in the conducted laboratory test. The authority would again be gathering the samples for laboratory testing after making sure of proper reforms.

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As per the schedule, juice nectar (Drinks), edible ghee, ice cream, fruits-made beverages and oil products would also be checked 4 times consecutively in a year. Carbonated beverages tap water of Wasa, squash, canned vegetables and fruits, sauce and meat-made items would be checked twice per year. Other than this pickles, malted beverages and vinegar would be checked once a year.

In the meantime, the vigilant cell and meat safety teams of PFA shut down 4 beef shops and captured thirteen thousand kilograms of meat of ill animals in the various parts of the city. All the seized stuff was sent to the Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company for disposal.

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