4,544 Employees Laid Off in a Day from Pakistan Steel Mills

Pakistan Steel Mills, the state owned mill, laid off 4,544 employees in a single day. Employees asking for justice from PM Imran Khan.

The Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) laid off 4,544 employees by terminating their employment contracts. According to sources, this happened all in a day.

The list of employees included teachers, drivers, firemen, operators, health and security staffers, SEDGMs, managers, and others.

The workers’ group ‘Stakeholders Group’ rejected this decision and said that it seems that the state has become irrelevant in the PSM matter.

The department head was summoned today for the termination of the staffers,

Group member – Stakeholders Group

It was also informed by the source that the leader of the group said:

These salaries are our due right and not a favor from the state,

He requested Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to look into this matter and take some initiative against the actions of the steel mill.

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