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450 Mosques in Rawalpindi Issued Notices for Ignoring SOPs

There has been a disregard of standard operational procedures (SOPs) by 250 mosques as reported by the monitoring committee set up to oversee the implementation of 20-point guidelines for worship places in the Rawalpindi division. This is declared sensitives in terms of security and the spread of coronavirus.

Rawalpindi police have served notices to over 450 mosques and imambargahs in the Rawalpindi district alone. The reason for serving them notice is that they did not implement the guidelines properly.

A report was issued by the monitoring committee after undertaking surveys of the worship sites during the first 10 days of Ramadan.

The panel that comprised of the religious scholars, traders, citizens and government officials stated that many mosques in the division only partially followed the SOPs devised to control the spread of coronavirus.

The report stated that all the Mosques and imambargahs in the Rawalpindi have been split into A, B, and C categories as per the security and virus transmission risk.

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The sensitives sites in the list, around 129 are located in the in Chakwal district. 61 are located in Rawalpindi district and 42 in Jhelum district. The lowest number of such mosques are located in the Attock district, just 18.

In almost 52 mosques in different parts of the division has permitted elderly people and children to join Taraweeh prayers.

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