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41% of the Global Population is Under 24, Young & Angry

41% population

About 41% of the global population is under 24. That 41% of the people are young and angry. From all over the global voices for change are getting stronger, and in most cases, those voices belong to the younger people. 

The young people are more than ever before. Out of the global population of 7.7 billion, about 41% are 24 or younger. In the African continent, 41% of the population is under 15. In Asia and Latin America, 25% of the population is young. In Europe, 16% of the Europeans are under 15.

Most of the youngsters will reach adulthood in the world scarred by the financial crash back in 2008. Most of them are a product of the recession period. Thus, there are many current protests that have roots in shared grievances about economic inequality and job cuts. In Algeria, there were street protests led by unemployed youngsters. In Chile and Iraq, there were similar protests.

In this age and time, the young are aware and educated. Thus, unemployment, social injustice, political issues have compelled them to raise their voices in different parts of the globe. The world today constitute around 41% of youngsters, and those youngsters are angry if anything.

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