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400% Increase in Pakistan’s Copper Export to China

There is a 400 percent increase in Pakistan’s copper products export to China in the recent year.

China Economic Net published a report as per which there is a surge in the copper export and other copper-related products from Pakistan which has helped in boosting the local industry. 

Three years ago, the exports of copper from Pakistan was just 106 million dollars. But now in 2019, copper exports to China have surged to 550 million dollars.

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The rise in export is seen via the largest copper reserves of Pakistan “Reko Diq project”. It is under dispute at the international court of justice.

If this dispute settles down, then Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) one of the largest players in the copper industry, mining in Saindak mines expects to take the export to $10 billion annually.

It is important to mention here that for the mining and processing of copper a high-end technology is needed. Also the expertise of Chinese copper processing companies like MCC is essential. MCC has played an important role to develop the Saindak copper mines from the year 1995 onwards.

Director of Administration Office Song Guozhao talking about the Saindak Copper-Gold Project said, “By the end of February 2020, the project has a total of 1,977 employees, 256 Chinese and 1,721 Pakistani, of which the number of local employees accounts for 87% of the total.”

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