4 Pakistani Students diagnosed with Coronavirus in Wuhan, China

4 Pakistan students that have been enrolled in different educational institutions in Wuhan have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. This was revealed by the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza.

The news was announced by Dr. Zafar on Twitter. He said that 4 Pak students have contracted coronavirus and the Chinese health authorities are providing them with the best care possible. All students are doing okay and their families have been informed.

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Zafar tweeted, “Got confirmation that 4 Pakistani students in China are diagnosed with #coronavirus. They are doing well, getting the best care possible, and the families are being notified and reassured. Thanks to Chinese authorities and the Pakistani embassy for their rapid response.”

Over 1000 Pakistani students enrolled in Wuhan have been trapped due to the suspension of air and ground traffic by China. A group of Pakistani students in Wuhan shared a video of their plight recently asking the Pak government to help them. Food shortage is also getting an issue in Wuhan as no vehicle is allowed to enter or exit the city.

The Pak government has contacted the families of infected students and has ensured that full support will be given to them. China will also give full support possible to Pakistani students trapped in Wuhan.

Also, Dr. Zafar has clarified that no Coronavirus case has been detected in Pakistan yet. 4 individuals with flu were admitted to different hospitals in Pakistan. They were moved to quarantine areas upon suspicion of being potential virus carriers. Their samples were collected and sent to China for testing. But the reports denied the presence of the virus in any of the individuals.

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