4.5m New Women Voters Registered in Pakistan


It is claimed by the Election Commis­sion of Pakistan (ECP) that 4.5 million new women voters have registered in Pakistan. These new female voters are mostly from those areas where societal values have been excluding women to come forward and vote.

The additional director general of ECP Nadeem Qasim said, “We have been launching awareness campaigns in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s tribal districts for the last two years to motivate women to come out to use their right to franchise. The drive has proved a success as 4.5m new female voters have so far been registered, mostly from these areas.”

Furthermore, he said that the districts that were selected were those where the differences between men & women voters were over 10%.

He said, “Despite being 49 percent of the population, the number of registered women voters is 12.5m less than men in a total of 110m registered voters.”

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In order to encourage women to participate in voting, mobile vans were used by the National Database and Registration Authority to provide women with free national identity card service. Also, Friday was fixed as women day to make their CNICs.

He said, “This helped the ECP to register them as voters.”

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