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39% of Pakistanis Use WhatsApp – Survey


A recent survey was carried by the Gallup & Gilani Pakistan in which it was revealed that only 39% of Pakistanis use WhatsApp. 61% claimed that they either do not know about WhatsApp, or they don’t use it.

When looking at WhatsApp usage from Urban, Rural divide, the overall usage of WhatsApp in urban areas is much more than in rural areas. 34% of people in rural areas said that they used WhatsApp while 56% said that did not use WhatsApp. The remaining 6% said that they don’t know or are not interested to respond.

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On the other hand, 48% of people in urban areas said that they use WhatsApp. 49% of people said that they do not use WhatsApp. And 3% said that they did not know or did not wish to respond.

Comparing age-wise it was revealed in the survey that millennials used WhatsApp more in comparison to the people older than 30 years.

46% of the population younger than 30 years use WhatsApp. Only 36% of people between 30 to 50 years claimed that they use WhatsApp. For people older than 50, the percentage dropped to 8%.

Looking at the results by gender breakdown it was revealed that 59% of the males use WhatsApp while only 25% females acknowledged that they used WhatsApp. This is quite weird. As commonly we see both men and women using WhatsApp. However, in the findings the men ratio twice that of women when it comes to usage of WhatsApp.

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