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31% Reduction in Terrorism in 2019 in Pakistan


According to the data compiled and released by the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), Pakistan saw an almost 31% reduction in terrorism in 2019.

CRSS in its yearly report revealed that in 2019 there has been a 30.71% drop in fatalities. From 980 in 2018 the fatalities have dropped to 679 in 2019.

Region-wise Balochistan has been the most affected region by militancy and insurgency with 226 fatalities in 2019. There has been a drop in fatalities by 44.2% in comparison to 2018 in which 405 people died in the province.

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The largest drop in fatalities after Balochistan was seen in the newly merged tribal districts (NMTDs). The drop is 39% from 192 in 2018 to 117 in 2019.

In Sindh, the fatalities dropped by 19% from 121 cases in 2018 to 98 in 2019. In Punjab, 11.83% drop in fatalities was recorded from 93 previous year to 82 this year. In KP the fatalities dropped by 5.13% from 156 in 2018 to 148 in 2019.

However, Islamabad saw an increase in violence registering 7 fatalities this year in comparison to 6 deaths in 2018.

The most improvement was seen in Gilgit-Baltistan as no fatalities were registered there in 2019 from 7 fatalities in 2018.

Almost 370 terror attacks were reported during 2019 in which 518 people died in Pakistan. 2019 saw a 30% drop in fatalities in comparison to 2018. Suicide attacks also reduced this year dropped to 9 in 2019 from 26 in 2018.

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Civilians are still the most affected by terrorism and terror-related incidents. But the overall fatalities of civilians have declined by 36.28% from 521 in 2018 to 332 this year.

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