300MW Coal Power Plant at Gwadar to Inaugurate in Nov


The 300MW coal power plant at Gwadar will be inaugurated in the first week of November, as revealed by the Vice-chairman of the National Development and Reforms Commission (NDRC).

During the first week of November, the meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee of CPEC is scheduled. According to the secretary Planning Development and Reforms Zafar Hassan, the vice-chairman of the National Development and Reforms Commission (NDRC) China will arrive in Pakistan a day ahead of the meeting.

The secretary said that the rumors that the present govt has abandoned CPEC are false.  “We have cleared the plate of the pending projects and resolved the issues related to corridor projects.”

The multi-billion-dollar project has entered into a new phase. Four new Joint Working Groups under CPEC that includes include JWG on industrial cooperation, CPEC International Cooperation Coordination Working Group, Agriculture JWG and JWG on socio-economic development are being developed.

The government has built a financing committee on ML-I. In the upcoming meeting, the financing structure, loans, interests given on loans and time period of return will be discussed. As for the Special Economic Zones, the secretary said that the Rashakai Economic Zones will be inaugurated soon.

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