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3 Regions in Larkana Sealed to Control the Spread of Virus

The district administration sealed 3 localities in Larkana to stop the virus from spreading as fourteen cases were confirmed in those areas, as per the reports of local media.

The localities which have been sealed are; Nawan Mohallah, Bakrani, and Darri. These areas have been sealed by the Police strictly.

All the streets and main roads that lead to these areas are also sealed and a group of Police has also been positioned.

Not a single a person is allowed to visit these sealed areas.

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Meanwhile in Karachi, 11 areas have been ordered to be sealed by the deputy commissioner Karachi as new cases of COVID-19 were identified in some areas of Karachi increasing Sindh’s tally to a large amount.

Only the affected areas in 11 UCs of district east were under complete lockdown, not all UCs will be under lockdown said Syed Nasir Hussain Shah Sindh Information and Local Government.

If all the UCs would have been sealed then another major issue can emerge said the Minister. He further said that the Sindh Government has asked the East deputy commissioner to take corrective measures to control the virus.

The commissioner cleared that only those UCs will be sealed which are affected with most coronavirus cases otherwise sealing all the UCs will cause serious issues.

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