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29 Punjab Schools Closed for Not Revising Fee Structure


Due to non-compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court for renewing fee structures, the Punjab government has canceled the registration of 29 schools.

Education Minister Punjab Murad Raas has given warning to all the private schools to revise the fee structure as per the Apex Court’s directives. A seven-day deadline was given that was again extended by another 7 days.

As the deadline has ended, the provincial minister canceled 29 private schools registration in Lahore that did not comply.

Murad Raas tweeted, “The Registration of the following Private Schools has been Cancelled on not issuing newly revised Fee challans. Notifications issued. More to come. Stay tuned.”

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Furthermore, in his tweet, the minister has hinted that further action will be taken against the schools that have not complied.

It is pertinent to mention here that the unregistered private schools have been issued notices. A limited timeframe has been given to the schools to get registered or else they will be closed as soon as the deadline ends.

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