28% of Girls in Pakistan Marry before 18 years of age


UN Women has released a new report as per which a startling number that is one-fourth of the total number of girls in Pakistan get married before 18 years of age. 28% of child marriages were witnessed in the country.

‘Young Women in Pakistan: Status Report 2020’ was the report title of the research, in which these findings were made. It was released by the UN Women and National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) on Monday. Furthermore, the report revealed that 16% of the young women became mothers before 18 years of age.

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pakistan supported this report with the technical support by the Center of Gender and Policy Studies (CGaPS). The aim of the report is to address the knowledge gaps by recognizing the needs, aims, and actions that must be taken to empower young women.

The report revealed that 48% of the young women between 15-24 years are not educated, employed, or trained in comparison to 7% men. Physical assets are owned by less than 2% of young women and just 3% own agricultural land while just 2% own a house.

The report further revealed that just 24% of the young women made their own decisions regarding their education and employment. And just 1% were allowed to make their own decision on the matter of marriage.

Aisha Mukhtar, Country Representative UN Women Pakistan said, “Pakistan has a huge opportunity as well as an obligation to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment agenda and for that targeted investment in young women is critical to fully capitalize on Pakistan’s youth bulge. In a world where youth leadership and activism are gaining importance, UN Women’s Generation Equality campaign provides a unique opportunity to youth activists and advocates in promoting a gender-equal world.”

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