26 Countries to Participate in an Economic & Political Affairs Meeting in Gwadar

Parliament members from 26 countries will participate and converse on different issues & development projects going on in Gwadar. The three-day meeting will take in Gwadar next week. Committee on Political Affairs of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) will take part in the meeting and discuss the political issues, economic development, trade, and commerce relevant to the Asian region.

The conference will begin on October 29th as announced by the Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani. Sanjrani acknowledged that Gwadar is the economic hub of Pakistan. The geographic location, resources, strategic importance and the present development going on in Gwadar has made it a highly significant city of Pakistan. The conference aims to highlight the importance of Gwadar as a trade center to various countries and to show the world that Pakistan is a peaceful country with huge investment opportunities.

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Economic cooperation, negotiations, and collaborations will be discussed by the member countries to boost cordial relations and empower Asia.

Senate chairman said that the proposal of “development through democracy” will be put forward in the conference. It will be recommended that development through democracy is essential for the growth, peace, prosperity of the Asian region.

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