250 Restaurants, Cafes, and Clubs in Lahore Issued Alcohol warnings


250 restaurants, clubs, and cafes in Lahore have been issued warning over the sale and service of alcohol on the premises by the Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control (ETNC) Department. These eateries include Lahore Gymkhana Club and Royal Palm Golf and Country Club.

A warning was issued in a letter that stated, “The ETNC Department is responsible for the regulation of excise-related matters as well as control of narcotics substance… [and is] empower[ed] the department to check and take cognizance of manufacturing, transportation, possession, sale, and consumption of liquor and other excisable articles at any place.”

Furthermore the letter stated, Section 2 (j) and (I) of the Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd) Order, 1979 defines the place/public place for the purpose of enforcement to the Law as under: “Place” includes a house, shed, enclosure, building, shop, tent, vehicle, vessel, and aircraft; “public place” means a street, road, thoroughfare, park, garden or other places to which the public have free access and includes a hotel, restaurant, motel, mess, and club, but does not include the residential room of a hotel in the occupation of some person.”

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Adding, “In view of the above, any restaurant/café/club involved in the illegal sale, service or supply of liquor or any other intoxicating substance is punishable under the relevant provisions of the Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd) Order, 1979. Section 3 of Hadd Order is produced as ‘prohibition of manufacture, etc, of intoxicants: (1) subject to the provisions of clause (2) whoever (a) imports, exports, transports, manufactures or processes any intoxicant; or (b) bottles any intoxicant; or (c) sells or serves any intoxicant; or (d) allows any of the acts aforesaid upon premises owned by him or his immediate possession; shall be punishable with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years and with whipping not exceeding thirty stripes, and shall also be liable to fine.”

The letter also stated that the restaurants are cautioned to make sure that there is “strict vigilance and control on sale and purchase, storage, service or consumption of liquor within the premises of your business strictly in accordance with the provision of the Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd) Order, 1979 and Rules and thereunder.”

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