25 Million Health Insurance Cards to be Distributed All over Pakistan Soon – Research Snipers

25 Million Health Insurance Cards to be Distributed All over Pakistan Soon

25 million health insurance cards will be distributed all over Pakistan. The poor people will be given the health insurance cards by the National Health Services Minister Aamir Mehmood Kiani. Under the health insurance programme, the health insurance cards will be issued very soon.

According to Mr. Aamir, four new hospitals will be developed in Islamabad to improve the health care facilities in the federal capital. The Pakistan government will take effective steps to bring improvement in the health industry of Pakistan.

He also talked about the lack of nurses in Pakistan. To overcome this issue a nursing university will be established in Islamabad as well.

Concrete steps will be taken by the present government to ensure that people receive the best health care facilities. It is important that the government plays a pivot role in developing all our sectors from education to infrastructure, transport, health care etc so that the economy of the country flourishes. People need to be given basic rights and opportunities so that they become effective members of society.

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Furthermore, earlier we mentioned that the federal government of Pakistan is planning to establish a new health authority for Islamabad and plans to spend Rs14 billion for revamping the health infrastructure in the federal capital. Also, Saudi Arabia will be giving $16 million in grants to Pakistan for the improvement of the health, education and infrastructure sectors of Pakistan.