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24 Mineral Water Companies banned in Pakistan

The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has banned sales and distribution of 24 mineral water brands.

CJP presided a three-member bench for the hearing of distribution of clean and safe water case. The counsel defending the mineral water company claimed that they are providing safe clean water to the public.

Company’s defendant said, “The court can summon the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PCSQA) report if required.”

Chief Justice of Pakistan said that influential lawyer cannot change the verdict of the court. He said,“Companies should have the consciousness to provide clean water, we have to care for the people and the children.”

The court clearly ordered that the mineral water sale from 24 companies should be halted until any further notice is given.

Earlier Punjab Food Authority banned popular mineral water brands that failed to meet the standard and quality set by PFA. These brands included big names like Aquafina, Kinley, and Springley. It was quite surprising that Aquafina was included in the list of banned mineral water brands as in the survey conducted previously, Aquafina was the only brand labeled safe to use as per Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

The survey was conducted in Lahore. Samples were taken from all over the city, then they were sent for testing to Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Samples were taken from 14 mineral water brands, namely: Aquafina, Sufi, Kinley, Aqua Safe, Blu Water, Sparkle, Kinz, Naimat, Bottle Water, Pure Drinking Water, Nestle Pure Life, Murree Sparkletts, Zam Zam, and Springley. Shockingly none of the 14 companies passed the criteria to be called ‘mineral water’ brands. 11 of them just passed to be called as ‘Plain or Safe water’, while three failed in that as well.

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It is the responsibility of mineral water companies to provide safe water to the people. The revelations revealed by the survey and the Supreme Court decision clearly shows that these companies are manipulating with the public and have failed to provide safe drinking water to the people of Pakistan.

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