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23 Officers Promoted to Grade-22 by PM Imran Khan

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23 officers have been promoted by PM Imran Khan to Grade 22. A high level board has recommended the promotion of 21-grade civil officers to Grade-22. On the contrary, an officer who was commended on his performance earlier even by PM Imran Khan has been ignored

The Motorway Police Inspector General AD Khawaja was ignored by the high level board. However, senior officer of information group Shafqat Jalil has been promoted to Grade-22. Mr. Jalil also served at the Ministry of Information as the additional secretary in-charge. Now he has been appointed as the secretary information and broadcasting.

The files of the Grade-21 officers were personally reviewed by the Prime Minister. He went through the reports of the bureaucrats and then issued the order for the promotion of the selective civil officers. Twice, the meeting of the high level board was held and then finally PM Imran Khan approved the promotions.

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Furthermore, two officers got promoted who recently retired. These two officers are Shafqat ur Rehman Ranjha and Imran Ahmed.

There should have been two other officers who should have been promoted to these seats but due to the incompetence of the authorities and respective officers involved, this didn’t happen.

Even though a couple of weeks were spent on the name consultations of those who were promoted but now a question mark has been raised on the PTI government’s policy. There were names who should have been promoted but were ignored like AD Khawaja and Aijaz Shah