23 NAB officers have been fired for misconduct

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has suspended/dismissed 23 NAB officers on the basis of misconduct and negligence, whereas 32 other officers are penalized.

According to NAB spokesperson, the disciplinary action has been taken against 85 officers on the orders of NAB chairman, Justice retired Javed Iqbal.

According to Chairman NAB, self-accountability is the critical element in adopting “accountability for all”. NAB is fully committed to eradicating the cancer of corruption from the country across the board starting from very own organization, the spokesperson said.

Justice Iqbal says, “Self-Accountability is necessary to promote accountability which is for all”.

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NAB suspended Mohammad Ramzan Khan, deputy director NAB Lahore, immediately on the charges of negligence and inefficiency in performing official duties.

However, completion of codal formalities including the opportunity for Ramzan Khan to defend the charges has been ordered as per law. Similarly, Kashif Mumtaz Gondal, deputy director, Sukkur has also been suspended for three months on the charges of misconduct, a formal inquiry has been initiated against him.

The decision came after many complaints lodged against Mr. Gondal not only within the NAB but also from the police department; a case was being heard in the court of Justice of peace in Mandi Bahauddin against him.

Mr. Gondal was reportedly, one of the most powerful officers in NAB having contacts with top politicians and bureaucrats; the person was allegedly involved in unjust favors to the people and misusing his official powers.

According to the number of complaints, Mr. Gondal was also involved in occupying lands illegally of poor people and no action could be taken against him due to his power and contacts in related departments in Mandi Bahauddin.

He was also accused of using police to threaten people who raised voice against him. He is also accused of using police for threatening people who raised their voice against him.

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