$22.67 Million Injected in PIBs by UK Investors

The government’s long-term instrument (PIBs) recently boosted up by $22.67 million by UK investors.

Recently, Pakistan’s debt market seen an inflow of $22.67 million in the government’s long-term instrument (PIBs) by UK investors. The total inflow in government-backed long term securities for the month reaches $27.678 million.

As per the source, the country’s equity market now has a net inflow of $470, to pile up the total net inflow for the day to settle at $23.27 million.

From the beginning of the FY21, the net inflow in PIBs reached $104.86. On the other hand, the government’s short-term papers (T-bills) observed an outflow. It is said that $234.78 million worth of inflows were recorded compared to the outflow of $499.5 million.

The government’s back securities now have a net outflow of $159.95 million.

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