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2020 Will be the Year of Jobs; Promises PM Khan

year of jobs

On Tuesday, PM Khan promised that 2020 would a year of jobs and housing facilities for the deserving people and said that it was the mission of his government to make homes for the less-privileged segments of the society.

He announced while addressing at the distribution ceremony of cheques of interest-free loan among the applicants who want to make houses under the Rs.5 billion low-cost housing scheme of PM Khan, that before this, the government was a bit slow but now they have taken off and the year 2020 would be the year of jobs, housing and improving growth rate.

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PM Khan promised that as the income of the government would be surging, more funding would be available for education, housing and for the provision of justice to the poor people.

He said non-existence of the foreclosure laws was of the major barriers in the housing financing by banks. He also said that this facility was the lowest in the world in Pakistan. He further added that the banks in India finance 10 per cent of the total housing, it is 30 per cent in Malaysia, 20 per cent in Pakistan and 80 per cent in Europe and the UK.

Prime Minister also said that other than the hefty amount for the education, health, justice and housing sectors, it was the mission of the present government to make homes for the low-income groups of the society.

He then asked the Housing and Works Ministry to speed up the pace of work on the low-cost housing scheme.

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