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2019 to be the Hottest Year After 2015

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Abdul Rashid—the Chief Meteorologist of the Pakistan Meteorological Department said that 2019 would be the hottest year since 2015. He said that in the days to come temperatures would increase and said that May and June would be extremely hot. He informed that efforts are being made for controlling the rising temperatures in the country.

Mohammad Salahuddin—who is the former director of the Met Department said that as a nation we all are responsible for a lot of things which includes the climatic changes. He added that forests have been cut in high numbers without pondering on its adverse effects on the environment.

Sardar Sarfaraz—the IMG Director said that the use of solar energy was increasing at a great pace in the world and the Sun was the most significant alternative source of energy.

He added that the life on Earth is dependent on the energy provided by the Sun which effects on the weather, water cycle and the oceanic circulation. Sarfaraz said that Sun also affects the moods of people, their routines and the daily activities, like music and painting.

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He said that the Sun is made of luminous material which has been generating the weather patterns and the atmosphere on the Earth for nearly 4.5 billion years.

Abdul Rasheed informed that the scientists have informed that by the end of this century the temperature could rise by 3 to 5 degrees. He said that efforts were being spent to control the increasing temperatures in Pakistan.

He informed that the predictions which are being made by the Met office were being made by other instruments until their radar was made operational. He said that they want to bring in the best instruments so that the organization could perform better.

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