2018 United US150 has launched in Pakistan by United Motorcycles. In appearance, it looks like Honda CB 150 F. The bike was expected to launch for quite some time but for some reason, United delayed its launch. But now its finally official.

The bike has a 150cc engine. Its cylinder is a 4-stroke air-cooled single and as per the company it makes 12 bhp.  The shift transmission is 5-speed linear. There is both the kick and self-start option available in US150.

united 150red-right3

Coming to the dimensions of the bike, the length is 2060mm, the width is 760mm and the height is 1080mm. The fuel tank has the capacity to hold 13 liters fuel.

The wheels of the bike are alloy wheels, the front tire is 2.75-18 while the back tire is 3.00-18. There are disk and drum brakes in front and back as well. Its ground clearance is same as Honda CB150 F’s which is 168mm. The weight of the bike is 132 kgs while its wheelbase is 1320mm.

united 150black-right2

The engine of the bike is the same which is present in almost all Chinese bikes in Pakistan. The bore and stroke of 150cc engine in Untied US150 is the replica of Honda CB150 F engine that is 57.3 x 57.8 mm.

In Pakistan, there are many bike options available, variety in terms of features, price and company is there but it is important that we move towards better production of bikes instead of same old stock. Recently 2018 YBR125 motorcycle launched in Pakistan by Yamaha Pakistan. The motorcycle is an updated version of the predecessor. Then in last month 2018 Honda CB 250F, 250cc bike launched by Atlas Honda.

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So choices are there but originality is important for a company to survive, as for the customers, they have many options to chose from as seen above.