2018 elections will be the most expensive in Pakistan’s History

2018 Pakistan elections will be the most expensive in Pakistan’s history with an approximate cost of Rs21.29 billion.

As per reports, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will purchase smartphones that will be worth Rs 1 billion. Also, an order has been placed by ECP to purchase more than 80,000 Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. These cameras are bought with an aim to monitor the whole electoral procedure. Furthermore, Rs 300 million would be used on the delimitation of constituencies.

There are further many factors for such a huge rise in expenditures in the upcoming elections. The news is that the number of polling stations are increasing to 100000. Previously the polling stations were 70,000. As modern latest technology will be used in the 2018 elections thus money will be spent on it. Modern technology is used to ensure fair and transparent elections.

As per experts and analysts, the cost that will be spent for holding 2018 elections will be 4 times higher in comparison to 2013 elections.

Pakistan General Elections 2018 will be held on or before 3rd September 2018. Even though so much money is being spent on organizing a fair election, there are still doubts that whether a completely transparent election is possible in Pakistan.

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Musharaf’s take on 2018 election is that PPP will win, PMLN will form the government in Punjab while Musharraf feels there is no hope for Imran Khan, as he has no plan.

PTI, PMLN, and PPP are the three biggest parties in Pakistan and they are trying hard to please the government by starting extravagant projects, be it CPEC or billion tree Tsunami.

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